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Car GPS Tracking
GPS Car Tracking

GPS Tracking Device for Car

$179.99 $89.99

The Best GPS Tracking Device in the world! It is so small and it allows you to listen in on LIVE the area like an audio bug. Other such comparable units are well over $180.00!


Product Description

The Best GPS Device in the world! It is so small and it allows you to listen in on LIVE the area like an audio bug. Other such comparable units are well over $180.00!

This awesome little GPS unit can be used as a Surveillance device by covertly placing anywhere it has view of the sky and allows YOU to monitor where the device is (husband/Wifes car/Girl/boyfrinds vehicle, etc. ALSO sold as a Teen driver tracker, elderly tracker, child tracker or temporary vehicle tracker. This is a very small unit that operates with the US Satellite based GPS system for triangulation of target within a few meters. You’ll know exactly where your target is and when, be able to “ask” the device to send data for location and speed. Set up the unit to Alarm and send text messages to you for over speed, geo-fence breaking, movement detection.

– Locating via Internet: Tracing Position, Monitoring, Playback Tracks and other operations via Internet.
– Locating Position: Receiving feedback while device is in movement.
– Geo-Fencing Control: Set a limited area, alarms while crossing over the area
– Cell Phone Function: TDTV1  is a complete cell phone, configured with Speaker, MIC, buttons for – Calling and Hang-up.
– Live Voice Monitoring: Inspecting environment of device location with cell phone. Listen to teen or area around tracker covertly
– SOS Emergency Call: Continuously sending SMS or – Calling to the SOS number until received or picked up successfully. Also up loading information, showing warning to Monitor Center.
– Alarm Notifications: While enters dead zone and low battery.
– Functional Setting: Edit password, speed dial numbers, frequency of position feedback, APN setting, server IP, Port setting, save battery mode and time-zone.
– SMS Control: Device can be traced by SMS to check location, trace, condition, view and edit settings.
– Two ways Tracing: GPS Positioning + GSM Base-Station Positioning, Automatically switches. Always connected with your device; 365 days × 24 hours monitoring.
– Mobile Phone Platform: View device position with WAP of Mobile Phone.
– Low Battery Alert: Noticing you with SMS while battery is almost drained.
– Android Mobile Phone Client: special Client for Android mobile phone user, trace with smart phones.
– Warning on Website: Speeding Alert, Area Alert, warning shows on popped-up windows.


Frequency: GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900 or GSM850/DCS1800/PCS190

Battery:830mAh (Compatible with Nokia standard BL-6P), 72Hours (Based on frequency of feedback and network condition)

Hot Start-Up: 1sec

Warm Start-Up: 35sec

Cold Start-Up: 42sec


Run Time Hours: 3Hours

I/O Connect: Micro USB

Package include:
1* GPS tracker
1* USB cable
1* Power adapter
1* CD
1* Manual


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